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We Survey Experts designed this tool to bring all possible survey features under the free account. Clean and easy to use environment provide you a wise experience to collect feedback, Poll, conduct Quiz and for many more features to use.

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Core Features

Collect millions of responses

Surveys are mainly made to gather responses. SurveyFace performs this task faster because of the presence of collectors such as web link, email and social networks. Also surveys can be distributed among multiple numbers of users to make it more responsive. Connect with collectors to collect responses faster!

Award winning predefined color themes and editor

Most prior thing in all the entities is its look and feel. We do not have any issues related to that aspect since we offer you the most pleasant looking, elegant themes which adds more perfection to surveys which you make. Give out your stunning survey with our best themes!

Innovative skip control logic to control survey flow

Based on the response of users to certain questions, we have an option which directs them to other questions instead of answering all. It is the “Skip logic”, which mainly focuses on maintaining survey flow. Its user opinion regarding fixation of skip logic in their survey. Meet skip logic to meet survey flow!

Flawless mobile optimized surveys

SurveyFace allows you to view your survey responses either in full desktop version or mobile version. Variations are shown between these two different forms. It makes your mode of viewing more compatible by giving out best view. Achieve flexibility in survey view through mobile optimization!

Upload logo & images

Employing logos and images in surveys you create, makes you feel that it is your own survey fully designed with best options. SurveyFace allows you to upload logos and images to make it more specialized to users. Create successful survey with your favorite logos or images!

If you are planning to give a best survey to your company, then embed your company logo into it thereby improving the standard of the company. SurveyFace allows you to attach your company logo while designing survey. Couple your survey with your company logo to seek more attention!

Download survey

SurveyFace allows you to download your survey in different forms such as HTML, XML, CSV, Excel and PDF. It will help you for a further reference in design criteria while creating other surveys. Also it will be a preview before distributing to the responders.

Copy and modify from existing survey in seconds

We have perfectly designed surveys with awesome questions which is relevant to the topic in the template domain. To make your survey more and more better, copy or modify our existing surveys if needed as per your requirements. Explore a best survey by utilizing our existing ones!

Easy collaborate with audience

By making use of SurveyFace you can increase the level of interaction with audience by designing effective questions to gather eminent answers. It is very easy to use in the task of creating surveys and gathering responses thereby establishing a standard within your responders.

Download response reports

Responses of surveys can be downloaded in any one of the formats among PDF, Excel, CSV, XML or HTML. Either full survey or responses alone can be downloaded. Bring your responses to you by downloading it!

Unlimited surveys

Survey Face is a 100 % free online questionnaire tool. By registering and using it, unlimited surveys can be created, distributed and responses can be collected as well as managed easily. Automated reports gives a clear explanation about the gathered responses. Stay binded with Survey Face to create unlimited surveys, start using now

Survey samples and templates

Analyzing the well-developed model or adapting a full furnished model always results in great success. Considering the above stated fact, SurveyFace provides you hundreds and hundreds of templates in various categories along with pre-defined sample surveys. It's ready to use, start making a survey!

Powerful filter utility

SurveyFace allows you to refine your survey by filtering using responses, properties and collectors. Filtering by responses will be done on the basis of responses given to questions. Properties lead you to filter on the basis of response started day and date. Also type of collector used is utilized for filtering. Filter to make better clearance of responses!

Sharing And Security

Enhanced account security

SurveyFace assures security mainly through login email alert and alert on authorized devices. Whenever a device is registered in our site it will get notifications on login activity and email alert will be given whenever registered user attempts login. Unauthorized access can be easily found. You will be the only one to use your account!

Collect responses from password protected surveys

SurveyFace allows you to enable password protection for the surveys which you created. Surveys which needs security such as organization or company surveys, maintains password as a mandatory factor. Password knowledge is very much needed for answering those surveys.

Transfer survey between SurveyFace accounts

Surveys can be shared among Survey Face account holders easily. Essential factor for the successful transfer of surveys is only the receptor API information. It can be useful in the comparison or modification of surveys.

Social And Email

Personalized email invitation to audience

SurveyFace allows to do survey among your special crew on respective themes or ideas. It works by sending personalized email invitation to responders thereby inviting them to give out their valuable responses for survey.

One click register with Facebook and google accounts

SurveyFace allows you to login with most powerful sites such as Facebook and google account thereby eliminating the need of registering. Providing all the functionalities with simple practices is the main criterion of our site. Stay connected with SurveyFace by Facebook or google accounts!

Configurable email alerts on live responses

SurveyFace provides you response alerts. It alerts you whenever user has viewed or completed the survey. Essential factors such as every minute, hour, day can be defined for alert. Be alert to set response alert!

Easy YouTube video integration

Now you can embed YouTube videos to your question set thereby making your survey better in its information delivery capability. Attach YouTube videos to your survey!

Reports And Responses

Track responses geographically

SurveyFace provides you free service but mandatory source is your internet service. It allows you to track responses of responders based on the basic factors such as city, location, region etc. It allows you to know how fast your survey has been distributed thereby listing responder’s location and responses from different regions. Find responses along with location, region, and city!

Start and Stop Responses

SurveyFace allows you to edit collector options which are employed to distribute survey. There you can specify the start and stop response option thereby initiating or terminating the response collection task. You can initiate or terminate collector for response collection!

Group responses into groups

SurveyFace offers you an option to group similar responses thereby allowing the users to gather different responses for the survey. Also it allows knowing the different views of users about a particular survey. Formulate the similar responses to stick together as a group!

Analyze responses in summary

Responses gathered for a survey can be analyzed in view summary by factors such as response percent, response count, and answer choice. It aids you to find a way to make your aspect better for which survey is made or provides a way to conclude it as an efficient one. View summary to get a summary of responses!

Share responses

SurveyFace allows you to share responses for your distributed surveys. It allows to know the popularity of survey by analyzing and sharing responses given by wide range of responders. Share responses to exhibit your survey's fame

Produce charts

Survey Face allows you to create graphical representations of responses by forming various charts such as donut, pie, line, bar and area charts. You can also download the chart created for your responses. Express your responses through graphical charts!

Automatic Read Or Unread Responses

SurveyFace differentiates responses as read or unread either automatically or manually by user. It helps you to understand responses much better. Response separation can be done on the basis of viewing it.

Drill down responses on any element

It is an awesome feature in SurveyFace which allows you to traverse among answer choices in summary of responses to make your search simpler. Use drill down to pick particular ones among responses.


All languages are supported

User’s location or language is not an obstacle for using SurveyFace service. We are ready to offer our service in many languages. Login in spite of any language!

Comprehensive help documents

We are ready to help our users at any cause for their needs. Users can refer our help documents for clearance about all interesting functionalities. We have a simple and perfect manual for users to enjoy all the available options. Just login we are ready to help!

Other Features

Search template and create surveys

Get into our template domain to pick up the category you need and go along with the surveys which we have already designed with all possible questions. Select the perfect survey which matches all your aspects. Preview our surveys, if satisfied create it for your own!

Maintain address book, track responses and send reminders, follow ups

Address book acts as a directory where you can store responders contact information so that it can be used whenever needed. Responses for each survey can be tracked and followed so as to know how responders evaluate the aspect for which survey is made. Stay connected with responders to seek responses!

Event tracking

All your activities after getting into our site such as account generation, survey creation and deletion etc are kept safely in event tracking for further reference. Keep tracking yourself!

Organize surveys into folders

Organizing talent hooks up only with successful personalities. To get a clearance of your surveys, organize it in various folders. They are grouped together to remain as useful ones for further references or utilizing them while distributing or filtering. Manage a folder to manage your surveys!

Fine grained search and replace

Our vocabulary is changing in every second. We tend to give our knowledge with more and more modernized words. Make use of search and replace to use relevant words in surveys easily and at anytime. Search “search and replace” option to replace the word!

Easy to use data entry options

SurveyFace is very user friendly. It allows enormous functionalities which allows data gathering and contains simple options to fetch data from user. Simple functions to receive basic data!

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