Apple - I Watch
Apple - I Watch
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1. In the list of interesting inventives, Here comes "I Watch" (Apple New Product) ...!!! An "I watch" which is going to be a mobile, mini computer, clock is in the progress of development. Evolution of computer into palmtop computers, mobile into smart phones had met the tremendous growth.If we think the growth of technologies in the upcoming years, the level of growth (or) evolution will be apart from limits may off infinity range. Its a unbeatable fact that computer system and mobile systems are holding a special list of components which are facing daily. Laser and touch technology, integrated chip are going to rule the world of science.In that list a I phone in the form of watch is going to be released at the end of this year by Apple company. It works under the principle of OLED(Organic Light Emitting Diode) along with bluetooth. Call coming to the I phone can be answered by this "I watch" and it can be recorded too.Videos can also be stored with in the memory limit.Basic application which can be performed using system are also be done with this "I watch". After the expiration of the head of Apple Company Mr.Steve Jobs, The members have started the work of lanching "I watch".

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3. Does any other devices other than watch can be used as a I Phone ?

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